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The Story of Origin

I started Lotus Butter in 2013, out of necessity. I was using all types of creams and lotions that were not ideal for my dry skin. I would put on lotion and a couple of hours later it was like I never put nothing on my skin was dry and cracked as if I never put any product on. This frustrated me and I would attempt to find products that would alleviate this problem without any harsh chemicals.


However, after looking for months and going through hundreds of dollars of useless products with no point of origin. I could not find a product that would fit in my budget and had products that I could pronounce. So I decided to try my hand at creating my own product that way I would always know what is in it, what I was putting on my skin and where the ingredients came from. After doing my own research, I discovered Shea Butter and I found out that it does a plethora of this such as


  • heals scars, burns, and stretch marks

  • Heals bruises

  • protects scalp from sores and rashes

  • firms up aging skin

  • drains toxins from sore muscles

  • ideal for dry skin, eczema, sunburn

  • and it even work’s on athletes’ foot


I realized I did not have half of those things, but if I did would want something organic and from a known source. After months of trying, I came up with my own recipe that I would like to share with you and your family. So with the encouragement of my significant other I took a chance and created Lotus Butter: Whipped Shea Butter.  


I named my product Lotus Butter because of the healing properties of the lotus flower. The Lotus Flower mystery started in Ancient Egypt where they discovered that the lotus flower would rise anew everyday after the sun set and rose again, therefore renewing itself with the sun’s rays. Shea Butter shares the same properties, in that it helps renew the skin and allows it to heal itself without other processed materials.

Our Philosophy

As a new entrepreneur I want the process of how I produce my Shea Butter to be transparent. The product I use is an unprocessed Shea Butter ivory colored, unrefined with no additives or dye.  I prefer the ivory colored Shea Butter it is less greasy than the yellow in my opinion. In the Lotus Butter I add primary essential oils, cold pressed olive oil, and organic coconut oil and blend them together loving for so the Shea butter becomes fluffy and glide easily on the skin and even in the hair. Lotus Butter is an organic and handcrafted in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.

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